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Student Services provides a variety of activities, services and programs that are rich in opportunities for learning and developing students' skills and talents.

Location and Office Hours

Athletics & Fitness Building, AF 205

  • Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
  • WEC Saturday, 11 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Order Forms may be obtained from Student Services. 

Orders are filled Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

WEC Saturdays, 12 noon - 1 p.m. 

Please call 414-382-6118 for other arrangements or for quantities over 50 (per color).  Balloon colors are subject to availability.

Latex Balloon                                                $1 inflated balloon w/ribbon
Latex Balloon Only                                       $0.25

Latex Brown Alverno College Balloon      $1.75
Balloon Weights                                           $2

Button Machine
This button machine creates 2½" buttons.  Complete the Button Form and Button Template and return to Student Services.  Allow one week for assembly. 

ID Cards
All new students and employees at Alverno College are issued their first student, employee and nursing clinical identification card at no charge.  Presentation of an ID card is required for services in the Library, and Media Hub.  It may also be required for other College activities and services. Money can be put on your ID to purchase items in Dining Services for a 10% discount. ID cards may be used for appropriate educational discounts and admission to facilities at other institutions, etc.

Replacement Fees:

Lost or Stolen Cards:   $25
Name Change:              $25

                                          Free with the return of the old card.         

Damaged Card:            $25    


New Photo:                     $25

Nursing Cards Lost or Stolen:                             $15  Free with the return of the old card.

Nursing Cards Name Change or Damaged:   $15  Free with the return of the old card.

Students are allowed to post information about events. Click here for detailed information.

Lockers are available in the LA Building and CH Building on a first-come basis.  Lockers are intended for your use throughout the school year.  Students and employees must provide their own lock, complete the registration and return it to Security.  The College accepts no liability for losses.  In May prior to graduation, students and employees are notified to clean out lockers so that annual cleaning can happen during the summer.  Lockers are available for sign up again in August. There are also day lockers available in the Rotunda in the Learning and Teaching Conference Center.

Campus Newsnet
Weekly e-mail sent every Friday to all students, faculty, and staff.  Send submissions to  Include a 1-2 sentence description, date, time, location, and contact information.  Deadline: Wednesday by noon.  Student Services reserves the right to accept, edit or decline submissions.

Milwaukee County Bus Passes
Bus Passes are available for purchase in the Bookstore.

Wireless Access on Campus

Wireless Internet access is available at several locations on Alverno's campus.

No login is required.

System Requirements

A wireless card and Windows XP, Vista or Macintosh OS X (10.3 or higher) are required

to connect.

Wireless Access Locations

  • Austin Hall Pipeline
  • Austin Hall Mug
  • Clare Hall (restricted access on floors 2, 3 & 4)
  • Commons (East and West)
  • Computer Center
  • Kellogg A
  • LA 3rd floor off elevator
  • Library (LA 210, LA 217 and the Reference Area)
  • TL Conference Center (East and West)
  • 2nd floor near gym (right outside of fitness center)

Access to the following is available:

  • The WWW
  • Student e-mail
  • IOL
  • Educator
  • DDP
  • Printing to an Alverno network printer (if you have an Alverno network account)

 Access to the following is NOT available:

  • A student’s H:\ drive
  • A faculty/staff’s N:\ drive

Connecting to a wireless network using Windows VistaIf you need help setting up or connecting to a wireless network using Windows Vista, instructions are available at Microsoft's website.

On campus wireless printing instructions for your PC laptop

Printing from your wireless laptop using Windows XP

Printing from your wireless laptop using Windows Vista

Communication in an Emergency from the Alverno College Incident Response Team

In the event of an emergency affecting Alverno College, we will communicate in a variety of ways so that you receive messages in a timely manner.  Emergency notifications are limited to such things as severe weather alerts, emergency building concerns, intruders or potential pandemics.  Following are the means of communication we currently have. 

  • send messages to your Alverno e-mail address
  • place announcements on Alverno’s home page (
  • send voice mail and text messaging to phone numbers registered on Connect-ED, a service for colleges and universities for their emergency communication
  • send “pop-up” messages to campus computers
  • make campus announcements through an outdoor speaker system and/or bullhorns

Emergency Voice and Text Messaging
Alverno encourages all students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of receiving emergency notification by voice and/or SMS text messaging.  While registration is completely voluntary, this system offers rapid communication and increased security.  The phone number(s) will be used for emergency communication only.  To receive these messages, YOU MUST REGISTER.  Those who are registered will receive a voice message and/or a text message within minutes of it being sent.  The system will be tested periodically during its first semester of use and then once a semester thereafter.

Directions for Registering

  • Register at
  • Log in with your Alverno e-mail address and your student or employee ID number.   Your ID number is your student or employee ID number which can be found at the bottom of your Alverno ID card. 
  • Enter your contact numbers. Please do not enter Alverno office numbers.
  • Follow the prompts to update your information.
  • You will receive an e-mail message confirming that your information has been updated.

Frequently Asked Questions about registering for Alverno Emergency voice/text notification (Connect-ED)

  • I get a message “Your sign in information does not match with our records, please re-enter again.”  What’s wrong?
  • Use your Alverno e-mail address.  You must have an Alverno e-mail address to use the Connect-ED system.
  • Enter your ID without any leading zeroes.  For example, ID# 0001234 should be entered as 1234.
  • I just got my Alverno e-mail address? --OR-- I just got my Alverno ID number?  How soon can I sign up for Connect-ED? 
  • New contact information for Connect-ED is uploaded by Alverno on a weekly basis. You can sign up any time after your contact information is uploaded.
  • What Contact information do I need to enter?
  • To receive emergency phone calls, you must enter one or more phone numbers.  In an emergency the system will call all the numbers you enter.
  • To receive text messages, you must enter a SMS phone number.  After you sign up online, the Blackboard Connect® service will automatically send a text message to your mobile phone to confirm your request. This occurs during business hours between 12pm – 8 pm CST
  • What work phone numbers can I enter?
  • Do not enter Alverno work phone numbers (any number that starts 414-382-6xxx)
  • Do not enter a Work Phone (Alt) number.  Any phone numbers entered here will be overwritten when college-wide contact information is updated every week.
  • Why is my Main Contact Number listed as “Work Phone (Alt)”?
  • Work Phone (Alt) is the default main contact number when your account is created.  You can change this to your preferred main contact number.  In an emergency, the system will call all the numbers you enter, not just the main contact number.
  • What happens after I enter a SMS (text) phone number?
  • After you sign up online, the Blackboard Connect® service will automatically send a text message to your mobile phone to confirm your request. This occurs during business hours between 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. CST.  The confirmation message will read the following:

    Alverno EmergencyYou are now confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply "HELP" or "STOP ALVERNO” to opt-out.

  • You will see 23177 as the text messaging number sending you the confirmation message and all subsequent messages.  Please save this number and program it as Alverno so that you can quickly recognize this number as the official source of Alverno’s messages.
  • Can I enter a personal e-mail address to receive emergency e-mails?
  • Alverno sends emergency e-mails only to Alverno e-mail addresses (  Any personal e-mail addresses that you enter on Connect-ED will not be used.
  • How much does this cost?
  • The cost of the notification system is about $3.00 per community member and will be paid for by Alverno. Text notifications may incur a charge, depending on your cellular plan. Please check with your cellular service provider.
  • How can I register for Connect-ED if I am under 18 years old?
  • To register online for Connect-ED you must be at least 18 years old.  Students under 18 can complete a paper request form available in Student Services.  We will then enter your contact information manually.  After you turn 18, you can update your contact information online herself.
  • How can my parent sign up to receive emergency phone messages?
  • A student can enter a parent’s phone number as one of the five available phone numbers that can be entered (Mobile, Home, Work, Mobile (Alt), Home (Alt).    Only one SMS phone number can be entered.
  • I no longer want to receive emergency phone or SMS text messages?  How do I opt out of Connect-ED?
  • To opt-out, log into the Alverno Connect-ED site at and remove all your phone numbers and/or SMS phone number.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Would you like the "Communication in an Emergency" information as a pdf?
Click here


Student Employment Opportunities
Students employed in Student Services serve as front-line staff and receptionists for the office.  Student Assistants greet customers, answer the phone, respond to questions and provide clerical assistance to all members of the Student Services division.

If you are interested in working in Student Services, stop in AF 205 for an application.

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